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T.E.C.N.I.C. “Techniche E Consulenze Nell’ Ingegneria Civile”


TECNIC is a Civil engineering firm specialising in the design and rehabilitation of the infrastructure including water pipelines. It is responsible, among other things, for the identification and modelling of degradation mechanisms in water pipelines and is supplier of the deterministic models of the deteriorating pipeline’s response to loads and load effects

Contact person: Corrado Sanna





RISA Sicherheitsanalysen GmbH


RISA Sicherheitsanalysen GmbH (RISA Safety Analysis Ltd) resides in Berlin, FRG. Mainly operating in Germany it has customers all over the world as well. It was founded by members of a research team at the Technical University of Berlin in 1990. Since then the initial field of activities has expanded from probabilistic safety and reliability analysis, mainly for nuclear energy plants, to complex information system applications  which are used in various industries and engineering offices. 

Contact person: Günter Becker





 The company OPTIMESS GmbH belongs to one of the worldwide leading companies in the areas of development, production and distribution of highly innovative inspection, measuring and rehabilitation systems for all kinds of pipelines and non-accessible areas. OPTIMESS measuring and inspection products are applied everywhere where the condition survey of pipelines is requested.

Contact person: Mr. Eberhard Credo (GM)


General Underground Services (GUS) (UK) LTD

GUS (UK) is a privately owned company set up in 1983, based in Warrington, North West England.   In addition, GUS has a sister company GUS (Asia) Ltd based in Hong Kong serving the Far East market. GUS specialise in the remote inspection of sewers and pipelines as well as other in-sewer services such as sewer cleaning, root cutting, sewer rehabilitation and civil engineering works.

Contact person: Brian Nelson



A. Tsouloftas & Sons Ltd was founded in 1979 by Andreas Tsouloftas, a civil engineer from UMIST in Manchester. Since its foundation the company has invested in machinery and equipment and is now the leading company island-wide for drain service works.

Contact person: Andreas Tsouloftas




SBLA is a legal entity that was established by Order of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus published in the gazette no. 248/80 dated Sept. 5, 1980 according to the provisions of the Sewage and Drainage Law of 1971.

Its basic mission is the construction, operation and maintenance of the sewerage system, i.e. the collection and treatment of the wastewater of the greater Limassol area, as well as the construction of the basic infrastructure of the drainage system.

Contact person: Michalis Josephides




The Civil Engineering Department (CED) of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has been actively involved in providing higher-level education in the field of earthquake engineering since the establishment of the Seismology Institute in 1952. In addition, it has been involved in many rehabilitation projects of damaged constructed facilities due to the frequent earthquakes in Turkey during the last ten years.  CED has been involved in the preparation of the Istanbul Earthquake Master Plan, large scale urban housing retrofitting, condition assessment for safety of constructed facilities, rehabilitation of damaged buildings, development of rapid retrofit techniques applicable in urban buildings and innovative solutions for effective structural intervention/verification in construction.

Contact person: Professor Hasan Boduroglu






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